Friday, April 17, 2020

Stages of Grief

Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance.
These are the stages of grief and I've been through them all since the COVID19 lockdown began. I think everyone else has going through them too.
Denial - how can this be happening? WTF is this? Isn't there some easier way?
Anger - don't they realize what they are doing to us and to the economy? Its so terrible for so many people.
Bargaining - well, maybe it won't last too long if everybody acts the right way.
Depression - how awful this is, and its going on FOREVER!!!
Acceptance - it is what it is. Nothing we can do except to get through it.
Though I must admit, I still feel anger:

The economic hit from this is going to be so hard, and last so long, and hurt so many innocent blameless people.
But every time I start to feel sorry for myself and for all of us, I remember that whatever I am going through, it is nothing, absolutely nothing, compared to what others are dealing with.
I don't think our society will ever be able to repay doctors and nurses for what they are doing for all of us, risking death every day to save as many as they can.
There was one tweet in particular, from a pediatric surgical fellow and single mother in New York, that made me just cry.

I hope she will be OK.
I hope someday her children will be able to honour her for what she is doing.

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