Sunday, July 12, 2020

How Canadian is this scandal, really? 

So I guess the Globe and Mail thinks we're supposed to be outraged now that prominent Canadians have raised money for an outstanding charity
What a typically Canadian scandal this is. 
I guess only non-entities like me are ever supposed to raise money for charities - over the years I have given a few bucks to the Saskatoon Food Bank and the Canadian Wildlife Federation, and I went door-to-door for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and for Diabetes Canada.  
So as far as the Globe and Mail is concerned, that's OK as long as I never achieve any public prominence or get active in politics years after. 
Because hey, how dare people like Katie Telford and Seamus O'Regan, back in 2010, years before they were involved in politics, volunteer to work on creating artworks in developing countries, to support a charity then called Free The Children which later morphed into WE Charity and then later still got money from the feds to run a gigantic volunteer effort to give Canadian university students some support during COVID summer. 
Can't have that.  This corruption must be STOPPED I tell you! And The Globe and Mail is ON IT!
I guess if I ever do become a cabinet minister or something, I'll have to make very very sure that I never never have anything to do with any decisions around funding for, say, the Heart and Stroke Foundation. After all, I could be charged with having an awful and corrupt conflict of interest, I guess.

I would think that sometime next week, or maybe the week after, we will start seeing news stories with Conservatives and NDP expressing deep deep concern for the horrible situation of Canadian post-secondary students, with lots of hand wringing about what in the world they are going to do for money to pay tuition this fall. Somehow, its all going to be Trudeau's fault again of course. 
Oh gag me with a spoon.
Trudeau's Canada Student Service Grant idea was a good one, innovative and useful, another Trudeau success. 
Oh, can't have that.  Not during a Conservative leadership campaign, when they were all just desperate to knock the Liberals off their perch at a time when Trudeau is so popular across Canada and around the world. It had to be trashed, and trashed it has been.
Of course they had to trash an outstanding Canadian children's charity while they were at it, but can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.
So what can be done now? Well, nothing. I might be wrong but I think its too late to fix it this summer.  
Trudeau should just expand CERB eligibility to anyone who intends to go to school in the fall.  Move the Student Service Grant funds into the CERB budget, and let students claim the benefit for July and August, and just be done with it.  I think they would each get about $4,000, which would be something.
And he can urge them to volunteer somewhere, too. Maybe the service grant program can continue in the fall and winter, when government staff will have the time to run it.

Ending this post on a more cheerful note, here's some funny:

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Quite honest and transparent for Potato Pete to delete his tweet praising his wife ( $10,000 speaking fee ) and WE.

By Blogger rumleyfips, at 4:45 am  

As a rough ethics guide, decision-makers are supposed to ask themselves whether their involvement in a decision would stand up to media scrutiny. Clearly, this doesn't. There is a real or apparent conflict of interest between Trudeau's involvement in the decision and his family being paid by WE. After getting burned for vacationing with the Aga Khan and interfering in the Lavalin case, you'd think the PM would have learned his lesson. Apparently, seeing voters reduce his government to minority status still didn't drive the message home.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:45 am  

Who says the WE charity is marvellous?

Did you get remunerated for canvassing for the Heart and Stroke Foundation? No, you presumably did it for free because that's what charities hope to do, inspire volunteers. The minute you hand out $10K for a celeb "volunteer" to make a speech on your behalf, I fail to see how you're a charity -- you're spending advertising money on the already well-off to promote your "brand". The hollow claim that civil servants couldn't be spared to run the program for students when they easily ran the CERB and expanded UI program, rings of complete nonsense.

How you can equate your free service for charity with Twinkletoes' Mother cracking off a quarter million for 28 appearances strikes me as being unable to understand basic logical reasoning.

The man has repeatedly shown he has no common sense and is naive as a new born privileged babe. He has been investigated twice for ethics breeches, and this is the third occasion. He just doesn't get it. And, apparently, neither do you.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:24 am  

Today Newswatch featured to cry that Trudeau should know the finances ( interrogate them ? demand their bank records ?) of his mother and brother. This would violate their basic human right to privacy .

I would never ask anyone in my family about their finances: I have more respect for them and for myself than that.

Why should the state strip Margaeret of a basic human right .

By Blogger rumleyfips, at 12:08 pm  

But there isn't any ethics "breach" here, nor any conflict of interest.
My point of this post is that it is a manufactured "scandal".
Trudeau's wife's minor involvement with an organization years before he became PM is meaningless, as is Telford and O'Regan's indirect connection from a decade ago.
His mother and brother received speaking fees from a fundraising agency for the charity, there was no quid pro quo.
Many Conservative politicians and their families from across the country have also been involved in the WE charity, and rightfully so - it is a major player in Canada and doing great work.

By Blogger Cathie from Canada, at 12:13 pm  

I couldn't agree less with rumleyfips, one of the Trudeau is an angel at any cost brigade, and a regular on Simon's load of rubbish website. Apparently you only believe in fairy tales.

You people need to get serious. And accept some reality, not Conservative reality -- they're right out of having any support from me as I regard them as tiny-minded ideologues and barely human -- but some honest to goodness middle of the road horse sense. Otherwise I strike you off as having any relevance and being nothing but rah rah cheerers who can be reliably relied on to look the other way. In other words, not honest people with an open mind, just general fanboys and worthy of all the derision I can muster.

This Cathie blog is on one of those on Progressive Bloggers. There are many other points of view beyond the nonsense posted here. So dig your faces out of your rear ends and read this article posted today on Prog Blog by someone who knows a lot more than you opiners of the undying faith:


And get back to us people who actually think things through when you've had time to reflect, because so far you obviously haven't accepted reality, and merely appear wounded.

Bill Malcolm

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:00 pm  

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