Saturday, September 19, 2020

Farewell to the United States

Its difficult to realize that a governmental system that seemed to be so strong and healthy is actually so weak and brittle that the election of one man and the death of one woman could destroy it. 
 But that's the way I feel right now about the election of Donald Trump and the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. 
The Republicans in the US Congress are absolutely delighted with both. 
They will replace Ginsberg as fast as they can with the most far-right, anti-abortion, anti-government conservative they dare to nominate, trusting on the immense pressure from evangelicals, Fox News, and corporations to force Senators Collins and Romney to confirm this person. 
And America can say goodbye to the Affordable Care Act, to pro-choice rights and LGBTq rights, to voting rights and civil rights, to unions and workplace protections, to the Environmental Protection Agency and to every other progressive initiative since Roosevelt. 
 And I mean Teddy, not Franklin. 
It will be the beginning of a new dark age for the United States. 
I am not sure whether the country can actually survive as a nation. 
Certainly they will no longer be the "leader of the free world" -- Trump has already made sure of that all by himself -- but they used to be able to bring some moral pressure toward other nations when people's rights were being trashed, and this won't be happening now, not when states and corporations will now have license to trash the rights of their own people.
I am worried also about Canada. Saw this tweet today:
Yes, that seems to be the case.


A Kisaragi Colour said...

All republics end in failure. The American Founding Fathers based their institutions loosely on the Roman Republic and yet they failed to grasp the lesson presented that republics eventually collapse under their own contradictions.

Anonymous said...

Republics are superior to democracy. Democracies often result in tyranny, much like in Canada where the stupidity of Toronto & Montreal rule almost the entire country. Look at the US Republic. If they were a democracy then NYC and California would rule the country. Would you want those idiots running the country?

Extremely Extreme Extremist