Saturday, March 24, 2012

Can Mulcair fight the good fight?

As best I can, I have maintained my amateur status regarding the NDP leadership race by learning very little about any of the candidates.
But I have liked what I did hear about Thomas Mulcair. I gather he can be difficult to get along with sometimes, but I wouldn't be surprised if the NDP party organization needed some new blood and an "outsider" like Mulcair can provide that.
But actually, I don't really care what kind of NDP leader he is.
What I care about is whether he will be a good Leader of the Opposition.
Canadian opposition to Harper's ideological agenda is both widespread and deep. But its disorganized, waiting for a leader to coalesce around.
Will Mulcair take on the role of fighting Harper tooth and nail? Will he fire up Canadians to fight with him?
Will he be able to articulate a coherent anti-Harper strategy, and gather together enough support from across the country to save Old Age Security, keep us out of war with Iran, and prevent new abortion legislation?
Can he fight? That's my question.

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