Monday, March 19, 2012

Comments update -- use "ncr" after my blog address

So I wrote to Echo about the comment problem and this is the response:
Your website URL which is associated with your Haloscan account and which is registered in your dashboard is:
"". The "" domain is a separate domain, that's why you cannot see appropriate comments on that address.
Google has recently started a new thing with Blogger in which people from different regions are redirected to regional versions of the blog's address. For instance, an Canadian trying to get to is redirected to the address
Please check the changes in the Blogger made by Google recently:
So I checked out this page, and yes, Blogger is redirecting some people to a version of my blog called ".ca" instead of ".com" --and which version the comments are on, who knows? I can't find them on either anymore.
But here is a fix I figured out -- if everyone changes the title of my blog in their bookmarks to "" (for "no country redirect") then everyone will be seeing the same version of the page, and hopefully this will be the version where the comments are.
So let's all try that, and stay tuned...

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