Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shared sacrifices 

As the poorest people in Canada find themselves working at their lousy jobs for two extra years before they can qualify for $500 a month in Old Age Security, I am sure they will be comforted by the hardships that MPs will also be experiencing in the name of austerity:
Members of Parliament will be giving up their first-class tickets on short-haul flights like the popular Ottawa-Toronto leg. Now only flights over two hours will qualify for first-class privileges at taxpayers’ expense. The frequent flyers will also be forced to look for bargains. Except for long flights to their ridings, MPs will only be allowed to purchase flights at Air Canada’s “Tango Plus” fare class, which is the second cheapest of five available options.
Wow, what sacrifice!
The disgusting parsimony of the Harper Conservatives makes me sick and angry.

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I will join you, in your disgust.

Flaherty and MacKay also rip us off for $1,300 per night luxury hotel suites. No doubt the rest of the Conservatives do the same. MacKay also spent $3 million on plane fares.

Oh how I wish, those Conservative members sacrifices were mine.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:38 pm  

I'm hesitant to link the issues of OAS and MP perks because the sort of logical follow through is that if Harper had cut MP perks more deeply, it would be ok to cut OAS and GIS. It wouldn't. I see a lot of commenters on the CBC forums moaning about the MP pension plan, and explicitly linking cuts to it as a prerequisite to cuts to OAS. OAS doesn't need to be cut. Cutting GIS is simply cruel. Cutting MP perks is mostly symbolic.

Also, the 2 hour limit for first class travel nicely impacts almost solely opposition MPs from the GTA and Quebec. What a surprise. Even the "sacrifice" they impose on MPs will disproportionately not impact Conservative MPs.

By Blogger Daniel, at 2:39 pm  

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