Saturday, April 28, 2012

Arrested for jogging while brown 

The news story doesn't mention the racial angle at all.  So I guess Windsor police and prosecutors think its OK to arrest people for jogging while brown:
As he [plainclothes police officer Van Buskirk] was heading back to the station he saw a man, who turned out to be [Dr. Tyceer] Abouhassan, running along Dougall Avenue next to Jackson Park.
He pulled Abouhassan’s headphones off, then asked him why he was in the park and why he was talking to girls.
Abouhassan replied that he didn’t know what Van Buskirk was talking about, and asked who he was.
Van Buskirk grabbed Abouhassan by the neck. The doctor stepped back and tried to get away. Van Buskirk pursued and punched him in the face at least three times.
The detective then called the tennis club employee, who said it wasn’t the same guy. At the hospital Abouhassan learned he was under arrest for assaulting a police officer. The Crown later stayed that charge.
I'll just bet they did. Now the police officer involved has pleaded guilty to assault.
But what I found curious about the story is why this obviously innocent and blameless doctor was ever put under arrest for anything whatsoever.

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You sure are quick to pull the race card in your blog. Re-read the article. The assault had nothing to do with race or colour.

Anyway, to answer your question when certain Windsor cops assault citizens they automatically charge them with assault, resisting arrest, etc. It's their "ace in the hole" whereby they tell the victim who contemplates making a complaint concerning a wrongful beating: "you drop your charges then we'll drop ours." Chow.

By Blogger jiw, at 8:12 pm  

I think you are a little naieve, and also a little too accepting of police abusing their authority to protect themselves.

By Blogger CathiefromCanada, at 11:29 pm  

Liberals ALWAYS pull the race card on EVERYTHING.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:51 am  

Greetings, Mister 'Anonymous'.
Welcome back.
It has been a while since you were banned under your troll name.

Unfortunately, I cannot understand what you are trying to say...
before stating your opinion again, please remove Steven Harper's cock from your mouth, and Adolph Hitler's thoughts from your brain -- there's not enough room under that white sheet you're wearing on your pointy head.


By Anonymous ootpoot's Godwin is better than the troll ....., at 3:47 am  

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