Sunday, April 01, 2012

Its not you, its me

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last while -- its not you, its me.  I've been dealing with some stuff lately --
First, iliotibial band syndrome complicated by a torn meniscus has been taking its toll. I've been seeing the physio several times a week since the end of January and gradually it might be getting better but it seems to be two steps forward one step back.
This started in November -- following the surgery I had in October to take an old plate off my fibula -- so I basically ignored it for two months, thinking whatever was wrong would improve on its own as I healed from the surgery -- the incision didn't heal as quickly as I had expected. Anyway, I finally realized the pain in my knee wasn't just going to go away on its own, and I did something about it. But its been a lengthy and painful process and I may yet still have to have surgery for it.
Then, our dog Chillou tore his anterior cruciate ligament in February and needed to have surgery for that. He had the TTA surgery, but because we live in a four-level split, keeping him on the main level for two months requires baby gates around the house, plus some furniture rearrangement to make a place for him.  He seems to be recovering well now -- at first, he threw up all the time, probably because of the anesthetic and the antibiotic pills he had to take, and I was very worried about him.  He is 9 years old, and I was not sure about his ability to bounce back.  He never lost his spirit, but he was a sick dog for a while there.  At least this meant he lost some weight, but it took a while to find food he could tolerate and in the meantime I was making him rice and hamburger.  We also had to take a quick trip to the vet to get his stitches resewn when the swelling in his leg split the first ones open.   But the incision is better now, and he is starting to put weight on his leg again -- our son has been doing passive massage and my husband gets Chillou out of the house for drives so he isn't as bored as he was.  He is starting to be able to walk outside again now that the snow is gone.  For the time being we are feeding him canned food and we are gradually going to switch him back to the hard kibble food.  My own physio has a friend who does dog physio so maybe we will both be going to physio together!
This morning, for the first time, he wanted an apple after breakfast -- it was his favourite daily treat before but this was the first time since the surgery that he has wanted one.

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