Monday, April 02, 2012

There but for the grace of God...

Emergency Blues analyzes the tragic, needless death of Anna Brown who died of in a St. Louis jail of a blood clot because doctors, nurses and police officers wouldn't believe she was sick:
I will let the public in on a little secret. We all do it. Each and every one of us. I don’t exclude myself. We all label patients. It is deeply embedded in the culture of health care to the point where it is an accepted practice. We all call patients drug seeking and crazy and frequent flyers and failures-to-die and failures-to-cope. We laugh at them. Hell, there are whole books devoted to the art of ridiculing patients we have already labelled. (Though when you think about it, there is nothing quite as charming as making fun of human beings who are powerless, is there?)
I wonder what, over the years, they have called me?

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