Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Making prejudice into a Canadian "value" 

The PQ "values charter" would enshrine religion as a justifiable reason to discriminate against people in Quebec:
it would promote religious segregation by stigmatizing the devoutly religious, explicitly exclude them from employment in the public sector and implicitly encourage discrimination against them in the private sector.
In the particular case of women from minority religious communities, it would promote not the integration into the workforce that would expose them to other values, but their isolation and impoverishment.
The Globe and Mail describes this as "Putinesque". Don MacPherson at the Montreal Gazette calls it as "sinister, ridiculous and pathetic." A Quebec mayor doesn't want the PQ government to "play petty politics on the backs of citizens".
Though in practice it would be virtually unenforceable -- and ultimately the Canadian Supreme Court would throw it out -- the whole country will be tainted by this idiotic charter, just like we were by the Quebec soccer turban ban mess last spring.
Merci beaucoup, Pauline.

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G&M: What sort of democracy tells religious minorities – Jews with their yarmulkes, Sikhs with their turbans and kirpans, and Muslims with their headscarfs – that they and their rights are less valued than other people and their rights?

Hmm, lesse -- oh, I know: France. Seriously, why the silly near-collective hypothetical Godwinization of Putin when an actually-existing example of a *democratic republic* -- one with obvious longstanding cultural ties, no less --instituting a near-identical piece of legislation nearly a full decade prior? This legislation is stupid and extremely dangerous, but hardly unprecedented within a major Western democracy.

By Anonymous matttbastard, at 9:59 am  

Reformers are having a field day in media discussion on the issue simultaneously cheering the PQ government on for its proposed policy seeking to inhibit the religious expression of hated cultural and religious minorities, while at the same time venting their hatred of Quebec as a cultural minority within Canada and proposing all manner of ridiculous retaliatory measures.

One contributor to the media discussion on the issue correctly pointed out:

“One of the most contradictory politicians ever…after her election win Marois went on to talk of the importance of keeping Quebec values, namely the importance of the Catholic religion in Quebec heritage…yet this is the same woman whose education reform of the late 90′s eliminated not only the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal, but also the Montreal Catholic School Board…and now this, clearly she doesn’t know what she wants.”

I made the following comments to such discussion on Yahoo Canada after the usual Reform outbursts combining malice with ignorance:

“Reformers don’t have a clue as usual in their blanket condemnation of Quebec. The PQ is borrowing or appropriating its secularist policies from France and attempting both to rewrite Quebec’s history and engineer some exclusive secularist future. In the process it is throwing out a good deal of Quebec’s cultural heritage. I know my grandfather for one, a staunch Catholic, would be turning over in his grave…”


“Typical hate-mongering by impotent Reformers seeking an opportunity to vent their hatred and display their ignorance, but who don’t have the courage to take their proposals to the Conservative Party national convention, where they know they would be laughed at and dismissed as some deranged fringe…..”


“Quite honestly, the PQ obsession with secularism baffles me, as it is apparently designed to place a barrier between the PQ and an immigrant community which has no preconceived bias with respect to constitutional disputes in Canada, and given the manner with which it is viewed with hatred and contempt by Reformers throughout Canada, has been given little incentive to not otherwise side with the PQ in such disputes, were it not for such policies as the PQ is currently pursuing….”

The contributor’s comment is relevant, that of the PQ’s secularist campaign eliminating the constitutional protections of Catholic and Protestant school boards in Quebec in the 90′s, as that was just a first step in its current campaign to purge “religious expression” from public institutions. The NDP may wish to take note …

By Blogger Rene, at 11:38 am  

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