Thursday, August 15, 2013

It was 49 years ago today....

Back in August, 1964, my sister and I lined up at 6 am at the Trivoli Theatre to see the first showing of A Hard Day's Night.
I'm the dark haired girl second from the right, and my sister is holding the LIFE magazine on the left.
We never ever thought that the Beatles would come to Saskatchewan.
Well, finally, 49 years later, they did -- or one of them at least:

Paul McCartney amazes fans in Regina
Sir Paul put on a terrific show -- his last one in North America on this tour, and he gave it all he had. A remarkably personal concert, too, as he told several stories about John and George and Linda, as he sang songs in tribute to them, and he talked also about his present wife Nancy.  He performed a number of the older songs that hadn't been performed before in concerts.  His voice was pretty good, but even better was his obvious joy in entertaining and interacting with the crowd.
The photo above shows Mull of Kintyre, with the City of Regina Pipe Band -- McCartney made a point of thanking the 10-year-old bagpiper who plays in the band, remarking on how important it was to have young people involved in music.
When he sang Blackbird, he told us that he wrote it in the early 60s for the civil rights movement:

Worth waiting for.

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