Monday, August 26, 2013

Why are you persecuting me? 

Amazing, isn't it?
We found out today that the Privy Council Office has been persecuted with 23 FOIA requests from journalists for its paperwork on the Duffy-Wallin scandal but not a word was committed to paper in the PCO about it!
Even though we also found out today that Duffy had to be jollied and threatened into paying back the money by Senator David Tkachuk (formerly chair of the Senate internal economy committee) and Senator Carolyn Stewart Olson:
Tkachuk allegedly told Duffy that if he went along with Wright’s bailout offer, the Senate committee would throw out the residency issue and go easy on him in the audit of his expenses.
But wait, there's more.
Another former member of Harper's office also got into the act.
Harper’s former director of communications, Angelo Persichilli, was also putting pressure on Duffy amid the growing Senate spending scandal.
While Persichilli was awaiting his appointment as a citizenship judge in Toronto, he called Duffy to tell him that the Conservative Party would turn against him if he didn’t repay the money.
Persichilli insisted he acted alone and as a friend when he made that call.
“I was urging him to give the money back, but as a friend,” he told CTV News. “Never, never was I told by anyone from the PMO that I had to talk to Mike Duffy.”
Admittedly, Persichilli had been a journalist and, unlike Wright, likely had been friendly with Duffy over the years.
So perish the thought that he was just following orders!

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The freedom requests should also ask to have backup data searched. This data will go back for months, maybe years.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:29 am  

I am not surprised that there would be no correspondence from the Privy Council Office--actually I'm more surprised that reporters would waste time with the PCO.

I'm sure there was lots of gossip over coffee but why would the PCO have anything to do with Duffy etc.?

The PCO is a relatively impartial policy and advice organization staffed mainly with career civil servants.

The place for FOI requests is the Prime Minister's Office which is a highly partizen organization staffed with Harper/Con loyalists.

Sheese, I wish the press would get their depts correct.

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