Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why should the world trust the US government? 

Three weeks of utterly pointless stupidity are over
But right after Christmas, it might all start up again.  Republicans haven't learned a thing, and the media are still trying to blame "both sides".
The recent imbroglio is estimated to have cost $4.7 billion to the economy.  As Ross Douthat says
It was an irresponsible, dysfunctional and deeply pointless act, carried out by a party that on the evidence of the last few weeks shouldn’t be trusted with the management of a banana stand, let alone the House of Representatives.
How long will the dollar remain as the world's reserve currency, if this is the way they're going to act?

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The future alternative appear to be China and Russia. Though the latter should work together to police Asia, with the USA taking at least the Western Hemisphere.
I'm learning, even in spite of the Cold War, Lester Pearson was a bit too left wing for me.
I'd like Canada to cancel the F-35 contract, and begin developing, or funding Bombardier to develop, an improvement on the USA's Growler CF-18 fleet.
I envision a future WMD sensor network. It would be best if it could search for specific "verbs"; identifying specific R+D activities of a potential terrorist or dictator or CEO. It would be less of an Orwellian threat if it could identifying only more course grained activities. But you don't want robots getting WMD manufacturing capabilities, so maybe it will be safer to monitor as early as you get reasonably progressive and humane gvmt.
Developing such a technology runs the risk of diffusing sensors that could be made into AI computers, and it also runs the risk of diffusing or arms-racing 1984-style sensor networks.
One solution is to develop the offensive Cyber Command capability to destroy such systems in North Korea or whereever, without taking out civilians. Right now, the best strike cycber warfare capability is the CF-18 Growler. We can custom build a system that could take out sensor networks. The Navy's steategy, not the (USA) army.

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