Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The least of these  

Why is it so startling to see true Christianity in action?
Pope Francis Kisses Severely Disfigured Man And Prays With Him  Francis saw the man from his car, stopped the motorcade, went and hugged him and prayed with him.

The pope then laid his hands on the man's head and began to pray.
The commenters at Buzzfeed said the man has Neurofibromatosis, tumors of the face, a very disfiguring and painful condition.

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I'm mildly in favour of the Quebec atheist Charter or whatever it is. Certainly agnosticism is to be praised. I didn't like "The Life of Pi". It is incorrect. The thesis of the movie is that the only affect of religion has been to put a brighter shine on sad events in life. Religion may have been good in uniting Europe pre-Martel and maybe until the Printing Press. After that, there become a need for rationality and humanism, utilitarianism. Religion attacks rationality and also attacks humanism. If I live a good life as an atheist or an agnostic, I should go to heaven. If any religion espoused this, it might be salvagable. But they don't. Religion is for the powerless. Pretty soon, in a world of 21st and 22nd century WMDs, we may all be empowered. We all need the maturity to face potential mortality yet be humane like the Scottish Enlightenment preached.
That being said, Quebec has been blatently racist in the past. Maybe their system is superior to some immigrant cultures, but it is inferior to our Scottish Enlightenment roots. The flaws of the Godfather Trilogy and Gandolfini as movies and as acting, is that overvalualing family and Roman Catholicism leads to communism and gvmt inefficency: see aging Quebec lose financial hubs to Toronto, and see Italy mock Chretein's advice to reduce deficit...Protestant work ethic is superior to RC. Children shouldn't work so daycare is good.
In the future there will be gene therapy and tumour cures, no thx to religion.

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