Friday, December 08, 2006

To the barricades! 

In his post titled The principal sin of the Baker-Hamilton Report, Glenn Greenwald says it took less than a month for the Washington Gang of 500 and the Wise Old Men to repudiate the November election results and decide that the US should stay in Iraq -- ignoring the fact that six out of ten Americans want the American troops out of Iraq by next June.
. . . They now recognize that Americans have given up on the war but they believe that that view is rash, uninformed, emotional -- "precipitous," to use the condescending label assigned to that view by the [Baker-Hamilton] Report. The crazed and lowly masses need the steady, sober hand of the Washington Establishment . . . before the ink was dry on the Report, all of the entrenched propagandists for the Washington Establishment fell all over themselves praising its great wisdom and pronouncing it to be the solemn duty of all serious people to endorse it.
. . . We just had an election where Americans repudiated this war and made clear that they want to withdraw. Yet somehow, within a matter of weeks, Washington power circles were able to shoo that election result away like the annoying mosquito that it is and supplant their own pro-war judgment as the "mainstream" view to which all serious people, by definition, pledge their allegiance.
Its time for 60s deja vu -- when the "establishment" won't listen, man, ya gotta hit the streets -- again!

Photos from Marcin Fuchs' archive.

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