Saturday, February 09, 2008


It's the sense of entitlement that annoys me. The WATBs of the Washington media actually think they deserve some kind of gold star just because, ten years ago, they couldn't shove microphones into the face of a 15-year-old girl and scream at her about her parent's marriage.
Yeah, that woulda been newsworthy, all right.
So here is NBC's David Schuster expressing his resentment of Chelsea Clinton:
"I say more power to her [for working on her mother's campaign]. But I also think that the collective Washington media, which has respected these sort of unwritten rules of staying away from Chelsea, not asking her questions, that that is now out the window. That it's now fair game, that when you and I, Bob and Bill, when we see Chelsea out there at these campaign events, there's nothing wrong with going up to her with a microphone..."
Well, of course not.
Just like the press can interview Caroline Kennedy, and the Bush twins and Mary Cheney about their political work.
Of course, I wouldn't think the Washington reporters would use the term "fair game" to describe any of these women. Nor would they be itching to ask about their parents' marriages.
Shuster made this offensive remark just after he smeared Chelsea by describing her as being "pimped out" because she is working for Hillary's election -- a remark for which he has now been suspended.
Maybe we finally have an explanation for why the media continues to resent the Clintons -- they couldn't interview Chelsea ten years ago. Poor babies.

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