Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Building a life 

I have often hoped that the American football players who come to Saskatchewan to play football would realize that here is a place where they could build a life.
Instead of breaking their contracts and leaving the first chance they get, to break their hearts and lose their skills sitting on an NFL team bench, or to disappear into the second-banana coaching staff at Redneck U, these young players could stay in Regina, where they could not only keep on playing football at a high level but also become a leader and a highly-respected contributor to the community.
Darian Durant gets it.
"I don't think a quarterback has been around here for longer than four or five years in a long time," Durant said. "I just want to change the culture.
"We have a good nucleus here. Let's build around it, and let's try to build a dynasty."
Durant is actually the first Saskatchewan quarterback of note to take his first professional snap with the Riders and develop into a starter.
On his website Durant promises "We will make Rider Nation proud!"
Double D, you already have.

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