Monday, December 13, 2010

Rant of the day

Montreal Gazette sportswriter Jack Todd on Canada's loudmouthed lout, Don Cherry:
. . . the man has morphed into Glenn Beck in sequins, out to prove that he who shouts loudest is always right. It's always the same thing: the rage, the name-calling, the complete absence of reason.
Every time I see a Tea Party rally or listen to Cherry rant, I wonder: Why are these people so angry? What are they so mad about? All these rich, fat, angry white men and rich, thin, angry white women, what is their problem?
They aren't begging on the street in Delhi, or working a mine in the Congo, or taking a bus and two subway trains to spend the night cleaning an office in Toronto before taking two subway trains and a bus to get home. Yet to hear the right-wing elite tell it, one of the great outrages in history is that the government actually wants them to pay taxes on the millions or tens of millions they earn. Imagine, the scandal of it all.
H/T Rev Paperboy

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