Saturday, June 25, 2011

One year later

One man reports on how the G20 experience changed him:
The main change I’ve noticed in myself since the G20 is how much I hate cops now. Not only am I uncomfortable around them, as most people are—I hate them.
I didn’t feel this way before the G20. But now, this newfound hatred permeates every part of my existence: from walking down streets to browsing on Facebook and everywhere in between. I firmly believe that police functioned during the G20 as enemies of democracy, civil rights, and social justice, and that they function in similar ways, around the world and in Canada, every single day.
Hundreds of people rallied in Toronto to remember the G20 police riot and repeat the call for a public inquiry:

Toronto Star

Globe and Mail

City News -- and also see the video coverage of today's protest on this site.
The Torontoist provides this graphic of the G20 "numbers" today:

Videos from today's protests:

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