Monday, December 05, 2011

"Grief industry" 

Isn't it a shame to see so many people all across Canada exploiting the Montreal Massacre for their own selfish ends -- thank goodness we have Canadian Sports Shooting Association's Tony Bernardo to point out how terribly political these awful people really are.
Not like the sports shooters, who only have our best interests at heart.
Of course, not everyone agrees -- Ecole Polytechnique survivor Heidi Rathjen says:
“Who are they to talk about public safety? Collecting guns does not make you a safety expert, any more than smoking makes one a public health expert.”
Some examples of municipalities and universities across the country who are obviously exploiting the Ecole Polytechnique victims:
commemorative plaque in polished stone, deeply engraved with in circle with 14 small silver disks distributed around the circle. Inside, and under the university's logo and the legend "In Memoriam" are the names of the 14 victims and the date of the massacre
Ecole Polytechnique itself.

 In a park, 14 coffin-like benches of pink stone are set in a circle. A higher slanted pink panel is visible in the foreground
Vancouver:Marker of Change -- known sochulists there, of course.

 a roughly edged flat grey stone inscribed with the names of the women murdered, and dedicated by the engineering community at McMaster
McMaster University Engineering building: outrageous! Don't they get government funds?

 a long straight walk down the middle of a narrow park is bordered on both sides by trees and roads. At intervals along each side of the path, are series of waist-high boxes
Montreal: Nef pour quatorze reines -- well, what would you expect?

 circular monument  in a park made of multiple grey stones.  The large central stone contains a bilingual inscription in memory of women killed by men's violence. Many much smaller irregularly shaped stone shafts are carved with women's names
Even Minto Park, Ottawa -- why, its within a few blocks of the Parliament Buildings!

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