Friday, January 13, 2012

Shamed before the world 

Show of hands, please. How many people expect that the Harper Conservatives will actually do anything to reverse the ridiculous legal opinion from their Justice department about the validity of same-sex marriage?
How many expect they will dither around until the case gets to the Supreme Court in three or four years, so they can tell their base that "activist" judges are to blame for throwing out their ridiculous legal position?
Now, the melon-headed lawyer who provided the same-sex marriage opinion is the one who lost the argument on medical marijuana. But while we're waiting for the court to overturn his arguments again, the damage to Canada's international reputation is incalculable. The world is being told that Canada "Says Marriages of Foreign Gays Invalid"-- Chicago Tribune, Reuters, AFP, Australia, New Zealand, England -- and about half of these reports are also saying the government actually has "invalidated same-sex marriage" for non-Canadians. As Montreal Simon writes, this "has hurt and humiliated gay couples all over the world."

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