Saturday, February 25, 2012


As we learn more about the robocall scandal, the magnitude gets bigger and bigger, and the contempt of the Harper Conservatives for the Canadian people becomes more and more obvious.
Even Andrew Coyne is utterly disgusted
There were not a few calls: there were thousands. They did not occur in one or two ridings: there were at least 18 of them, scattered across the country . . .
There isn't any doubt that this was election fraud . . .
This is far beyond just "dirty tricks" that we always hear candidates complain about, like knocking over campaign signs. "Inaccuracies can occur" isn't going to cut it, and neither will the usual 'rogue staff' excuse.
Somebody in the central campaign headquarters of the Conservative Party thought this up.
A bunch of other people in the central campaign headquarters approved it and agreed to finance it.
Constituency workers across the country provided the voters lists and wrote the misinformation scripts.
And the Conservative candidates, those men and women who are now Members of Parliament, said sure, OK, let's lie to my constituents, whatever it takes to get myself elected.

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