Saturday, May 05, 2012

Yes, bring them in

I couldn't agree more with this article if I had written it myself.
When immigrants arrive, they not only fill gaps in the work force but pay taxes and spend money on housing, transport and consumer goods. Productive capacity increases and there is a ripple effect across the economy. And studies show that their offspring tend to be among the country's best-educated and initiative-taking young people.
Yes, exactly.
I keep hearing wailing and gnashing of teeth about how our pensions and social services are unsustainable as us baby boomers retire.  What tripe!  Canada can easily import all the future taxpayers we will ever need, and they'll make our country better, too:
Evelyna Prochorow, 21, came from Kazakhstan by way of what her family found a crowded, unwelcoming Germany. She was 8, the sixth of 13 children, and barely spoke a word of English. A decade later, she graduated near the top of her high-school class. She is a broker at Harvest Insurance, her sister is a legal assistant nearby, and the evangelical church that is dear to them is here (with more under construction). Unlike many small-town Canadians her age, Ms. Prochorow has no desire to be anywhere else.

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