Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Enbridge blew it 

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on you again.
Enbridge produced a ridiculous "illustration" of its Alberta-BC pipeline route, conveniently leaving out about a thousand square kilometers of islands that tankers would have to navigate up Douglas Channel to Kitimat.
Though the company has described the video as "broadly representational", whatever that means, the final shot shows a teeny-tiny tanker unobtrusively making its way up a calm, broad waterway.
Here's what this channel actually looks like:
Enbridge Inc. says its video, which depicts Douglas Channel as an open waterway, is meant to be "broadly representational."

*This is not an Enbridge animation from Shortt and Epic Productions on Vimeo.

I agree with what Steve V says:
How can anyone believe one word of assurances from these people when they can't even show the slightest honesty in their portrayal? I fear Enbridge.
In the comments to this post, Mound of Sound describes the mood in BC toward this project:
Steve, here on the coast more people by the day are going into a slow burn over this. Ordinary, law-abiding British Columbians, some in their 20s some well into their 70s and all manner of others in between, are girding themselves to do what they've never done before - to stand up and stop this. The resolve is building with each revelation of what this pipeline means and with each machination of Ottawa, Alberta, China and Enbridge.
We're ready to go to jail for this.
Mound is doing yeoman work in blogging about this project and what it means for BC.

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