Saturday, April 04, 2015

I smell an election in the air 

I have been saying for months that the Harper Cons are going to call a snap election this spring.
Of course, what do I know about it really.
But I believe all the signs are there -- First, the Harper Cons have all their nominations made and retirements announced.
Second, the federal budget still sounds OK but the Canadian economy is going into freefall and Joe Oliver won't be able to stop it as long as he keeps listening to the deficit scolds.

Martin called on Joe Oliver to kick start a fiscal stimulus program.
"Fiscal policy and monetary policy have to work hand in hand, they cannot contradict each other," Martin said. "If the governor of the central bank is talking about the need for monetary stimulus, he also understands there has to be changes made in the [fiscal policy] and those changes have to be investments."
The former PM and Liberal finance minister argues the government should be investing in infrastructure for cities, education and what he calls "discovery research" instead of focusing so steadily on balancing the books.
"We have cut back substantially on the number of scientists out there working on issues that could be generating the industries of tomorrow."
Oliver has promised to deliver a balanced budget this year, but Martin does not believe that strategy in the long run will create jobs and growth. "If you don't invest in the future," Martin said, "you will be running perpetual deficits."
Third, the most recent Harper "law and order" agenda hasn't been turfed out yet by the courts.
Fourth, even though the Duffy trial is coming up, the "cold Camembert and broken crackers" remark will continue to convince Canadians that Senators are just a bunch of entitled, out of touch wastrels and nobody will be listening to Duffy's complaints.
And fifth, our new "mission" in Syria hasn't killed any Canadian soldiers yet.
By fall, who knows.  So I think Harper will go sooner rather than later.

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