Thursday, August 06, 2015

Debate prep for the rest of us 

Excellent column from Greg Fingas on what to watch for in this debate:
the overarching theme should be one of judgment under pressure.... only the debates tell us how a leader relates and responds to competing parties and philosophies in the heat of the moment.
He also ways to watch for:
each leader’s willingness to respond directly to questions and challenges, even when they don’t fit neatly into a party’s existing talking points... (and) a leader’s ability to defend policies at more than a surface level ... watch especially for any willingness (or refusal) to acknowledge when an opposing leader makes a point worthy of consideration.
Chantal Herbert discusses the importance of the debate for Trudeau:
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has the most to win from the exercise. It is his best chance to shore up his battered credentials as a serious contender for the job of prime minister.
In the reverse, an underwhelming Trudeau performance could relegate his party to the sidelines of the main battle once and for all, and take a heavy toll on the morale of his troops.
And some great tweets to share:

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