Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Justin Bat-Flip 

from the Halifax Chronicle Herald
Listening to the pundits tonight, I found out that they all knew two months ago that Stephen Harper was going to lose the election. Yep, Harper was doomed from the start and everybody on our TV news shows absolutely knew it all along
Too bad they didn't get around to telling the rest of us.
In fact, I noticed they didn't mention it until well after the Ontario votes were counted -- and it was absolutely, positively guaranteed that Harper and all the Hitler youth in the PMO were completely gone, finished, kaput.
I still don't think they really believe it, though.  Right at the end of the CBC coverage, one of the bright young things on the national set -- it might have been Rosemary Barton but I'm not sure -- anyway, she started babbling pathetically about how she had never covered politics except when Harper was PM and how great it was going to be now, because the press gallery reporters would actually know about when cabinet meetings were going on and they might actually being able to ask a government minister a question and all like that.
Of course, the older and supposedly wiser pundits on the set quickly started shouting her down about how naive she was and how she shouldn't get her hopes up that the Liberals would change anything -- which is the kind of cynicism that Trudeau has promised to end.

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