Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Great post of the day 

Trump's problems summarized in a comment thread at Daily Kos:
First, a commenter quoted this from a Guardian article by Richard Wolfe:
There are three pillars to the temple that Trump has so carefully built around his most precious possession: himself. One is brand marketing, another is the masquerade of management expertise, and the third is the legal knowhow that props up the other two.
After just two weeks in the Oval Office, Trump has contrived to destroy his reputation on all three.
Then in response to that, another commenter said:
He has also erected three pillars to the temple of the GOP —
Bannon for the white supremacists.
Pence for the religious right.
Priebus for the Tea Party.
As far as I can tell, those three pillars are holding strong.
And the fourth pillar--Wall Street— is reflected in his Cabinet. It's also holding, but may be the weakest link.
Both very insightful, I thought.

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