Monday, December 09, 2019

Daughter Dearest

Hmmm -- I've been saying for years that SOMEBODY in Trump's inner circle is a Russian asset.  I am convinced that someone very close to him has been feeding him all the pro-Putin and pro-Russian stuff he has been parroting since 2016, convincing him that the Russian world-view is correct, leading him to say things like how unfair it is that Russia is out of the G7, etc.
Occasionally, Trump has actually done something anti-Russian, like announce new sanctions in retaliation for assassinations - maybe when the asset is out of town and isn't whispering in his ear.  But then later Trump will almost always reverse himself and change his mind, indicating that the asset continues their subversion.
I have not been able to believe that Trump himself is the asset -- he isn't smart enough and his lies are often too self-delusional to be the kind of conscious falsehoods that a Russian asset would need to promote.
So now maybe we are finding out who the Russian asset might be: maybe its Ivanka.

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