Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Of course its a matter of confidence

Promoting the conceit that setting up a "corruption committee" to harass the Trudeau government isn't really an issue of confidence in the government is just silly.
The Tories had initially billed the committee as one focused on “anti-corruption” in the context of probing the WE deal and other potentially questionable agreements. 
While the Liberals say they agree a special pandemic spending committee could be set up, they argue the Conservative approach is overtly partisan and would just tie the government in knots. 
Rodriguez has said giving the committee a specific “anti-corruption” focus implies an inherent lack of confidence in the government and that any vote in favour of probing government corruption would have to be interpreted as a lack of confidence in the government. 
 This is a gutsy play for the Liberals, if Canadians blame them for forcing an election right now rather than blaming the Conservatives and the NDP. But the Cons and the NDP don't really want to have to finance an election now. Not right now. 
They want to wait until an opposition-led committee has uncovered some actual corruption or something that might be twisted into looking that way - like, say, some pandemic contract that actually benefited some Liberal supporter somehow. 
O'Toole is doubtless absolutely convinced that there is corruption to be found -- because of course, if the roles were reversed, the very first people that a Conservative government would have been awarding no-bid contracts to would have been Conservative supporters.

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