Thursday, January 14, 2021

What happened on 1/6, and what will happen next

Here's a map I found that illustrates the Jan 6 Trump Insurrection:

The New York Times has an excellent interactive article which describes how the attack on the US Capital building went, and here's an article from the Washington Post describing what Washington police went through that day:
These police leaders talked of battles using metaphors typically reserved for wars, describing fighting on three fronts, including the West Terrace, one of the few places where police prevented rioters from breaking through. Had those rioters succeeded, authorities said, thousands more people could have poured into the Capitol, with possible catastrophic consequences. Nearly 60 D.C. police officers and an unknown number of Capitol officers were hurt in the siege, with injuries that included bruised and sprained limbs, concussions and irritated lungs. 

Here are Twitter threads which describe what happened at the Trump Insurrection on Jan 6, 2021, and why it happened, and who likely planned it.
First, how it was planned:

Second, the day itself;

 And third, what is next:

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