Thursday, June 15, 2023

Laughing at Trump

So we were told all day last weekend that there would be riots in Miami when Trump was arraigned and tens of thousands of people would be showing up to support him and there were buses coming from here and there and it would be another Jan 6. 
Then on Tuesday: Pffft! 
 Dozens of reporters arrived at dawn to find only tens of Trump supporter nutcases, and that was it. 
But I got the impression that the news networks were devastated -- their "all Trump all day" news model is wearing pretty thin, and they couldn't talk about the small crowd at all
On his substack, Parker Molloy writes They Miss Trump so Much and Will Do Anything to Get Him Back 
The people who showed up outside the Miami courthouse seemed to be the usual bunch of weirdos, peddlers of goofy wares, and, of course, the former cult member who always wears a “Blacks For Trump” shirt at Trump events. 
There were, at most, a few hundred people there. Far fewer than the thousands that had been anticipated. 
What you need to know: mainstream media outlets like the New York Times desperately want Trump back in office, even if they sometimes pretend they don’t.


e.a.f. said...

The lack of "audience" in Miami and New York is most likely due to the lack of funding. I've noticed the Roger Stones, Proad Boys, etc. weren't at the "celebrations". They failed on 6 Jan and some people took the whole thing seriously so now Trump is charged. It turned their country upside down. The money is no longer supporting the "nutbars" who support Trump. Who knows they may not even really support Trump, they're just along for the fun and the ride.

Trailblazer said...

Slowly but surely Trumps support is being eroded to a few noisy individuals.
Even his supports are becoming an embarrassment!


Cathie from Canada said...

Our son notes its the same people showing up all the time - following him around the country I guess.
Reminds me of the Deadheads!