Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Random moments: from journalism to history to spiders to poetry

First, let me just mention how appalling it is that journalism is joining the gig-economy as more journalists basically have to become independent contractors.
I know, I know - independence, having their own voice, and all that. But as more and more media outlets fail to get enough advertisers or subscribers to survive being owned by rich predators or predatory hedge funds or whatever, and as more and more journalists have to start flogging their own Substacks, people are starting to notice:
Meanwhile, journalism is still being committed somewhere, but just not here:
"SLAPP" by the way, means Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation -- I had to look it up.
I think we all need to follow this advice from Governor Pritzker: Moving on, I love Craig Baird's twitter account and this is why - I was today years old before I had ever heard of outstanding Canadian Abe Okpik: Moving on, here's an interesting observation about Art: And in response, @invaderalex posted this on Twitter, from writer Brian Eno:

And here's a random observation about math: Moving on, I'm noticing that many of Twitter's oddball or funny accounts have disappeared now due to Musk's style of cutting off his nose to spite his face -- I guess he thinks he should be making more money from accounts like this, he doesn't seem to understand they are drawing thousands of people to create their own twitter accounts. At least some are still posting, for the time being:
Finally, here are some bits and pieces of poetry to enjoy:


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