Saturday, November 04, 2023

Today's News: Updates about the Israel-Hamas War

I think Israel is finally trying to inform the world about what it had gone through, and what it is trying to do - we're seeing more stories about what happened to Israelies on Oct 7, and what the IDF is now achieving in Gaza. 
Unsurprisingly, Israel is refusing to consider a cease-fire until the hostages are returned, placing the responsibility squarely on Hamas for endangering the safety of Palestinians in Gaza. 
Several articles I read this week provide nuance and detail on this war: 
 Reuters reporters Stephen Grey, Maayan Lubell and Ryan McNeill have written an outstanding article - Hunted by Hamas: 27 hours of slaughter and survival inside Israel’s Kibbutz Be’eri 
Malcolm Nance - HAMAS Needs Children to Die 
But the pro-Palestinian or anti-Israel marches around the world today are uninterested in nuance - just angry at Israel. 
There were massive pro-Palestinian marches today in Washington: And in Toronto: And in Ottawa: Things to ponder: Today's war news:


e.a.f. said...

It is rather amusing to watch these pro Palestinian marches/protests.

The protests aren't really about the war, its about being able to spew all the hate they want at Jews and get away with it. They disguise it as anti war, but really who are they trying to fool. These anti Jewish protestors are no better than the marchers with their tiki torches chanting, "Jews shall not replace us".

If these protestors are so concerned about people's lives why haven't those Canadian protesters been marching and chanting about the fent. deaths in this country, the lack of work when Indigenous women are murdered or go missing. When it comes to American protestors, the U.S.A. has one of the world's highest mortality rates for pregnant women, women giving birth, and women who have just given birth. They don't seem to care about them.

Hamas started this "dance" by invading Israael and murdering young people at a music festival, then moved on to homes and killed whole families. they didn't just shoot them, they dismembered them and yes that includes babies. Did Hamas really think Israel was going to just sit around and do nothing. They can't be that stupid. Israel did manage to track down Eichman to South america, brought him to Israel and tried him.
Through much of history Jews have been the targets of violence and hate. Then there was the Holocaust. The State of Israel was created to give Jews a homeland, once again. Lets not forget a number of countries, including Canada refused to land Jewish people who were trying to escape the NAZIs.

With 12% of the children who die in Gaza, die from dirty water, Hamas has some answers to provide. They're killing their own citizens. The three top Hamas leaders are living in Quatar, two are worth 4 billion and the third one billion. Then there are still lesser multi millionaires. All that money coming into Gaza meant for the people living them is stolen and as a result children and adults die. Can't recall the last time a group of university students protested that. So if its O.K. for Hamas leadership to cause the deaths of thousands of children in Gaza why isn't it O.K. for Israel to protect itself after having been invaded and a large number of citizens murdered.

If Israel does not fight back, they would be invaded and all murdered and most of the world would sit around and watch. Its happened before and its happening again. Some will say, "Never again". In our family it was, "it can always happen again".

Those women chanting some rather nasty things about Israel/Jews ought to remmeber it is Iran who finances a lot of Hamas's activities. You remember Iran don't you? They are the country which murders women for not wearing head scarves. Women don't have much in the way of rights in Iran but if these protestors are O.K. with it, they really ought not to be protesting against killing because they're already supporting Iran which kills women.

Hamas was not looking forward to a deal between Saudi and Israel. The war has caused those negotiations to cease. That is what they wanted.

The war is working well for Hamas, Iran, etc. It has managed to split western countries. If this continues there will be more violence as a result of these pro Palestine demonstrations and anti Jewish demonstrations.

Some of these protesters are clearly enjoying themselves. Turn off the sound and watch their body language and faces. Some appear enthralled with their performances. If they tried protesting like they are in Iran,, they'd be dead. Hamas wouldn't tolerate this type of protest if it was directed at them.

We have freedom of speech but hate speech isn't part of the deal. It was ever so nice to see some people advise the Universities which had the protests, they would no longer be sending them cheques. There are consequences for actions which spew hate.

Cathie from Canada said...

I have been shocked at the antisemitism displayed at these rallies, and how rapidly this was organized.

Anonymous said...

Hamas and Israel have been involved in a long-standing and complex conflict with multiple events and perspectives. The situation is contentious and involves historical, political, and regional factors. It's important to approach such topics with sensitivity and avoid oversimplifying.

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