Wednesday, June 05, 2024

80th anniversary of D-Day: "We will remember them"

Too much going on this week to do a longer post, but here's some interesting stuff about D-Day and the 80th anniversary.  
First, posted above is the Veterans Affairs video commemorating the 80th anniversary - "We will remember them".
Next, check out historian Craig Baird's Canada on D-Day podcast:
,,,The Canadian troops had managed to push farther inland than any other force on D-Day, but only one Canadian unit made their objectives.
Regardless, the first line of German defences were completely smashed.
One Canadian journalist said,
“The German dead were littered over the dunes, by the gun positions. By them, lay Canadians in bloodstained battledress, in the sand and in the grass, on the wire and by the concrete forts. They had lived a few minutes of the victory they had made. That was all.”
In the mayhem of Normandy, progress was made...
Plus, Baird has a great story about James Doohan, who played Scotty on Star Trek! Some more posts:

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