Friday, July 03, 2009

Redneck hicks 

Thumbs up to a move by the provincial government to seek advice on the issue of same-sex weddings and civil marriage commissioners.
Would the writer of this Rawlco Radio news story be so pleased if the province was intending to let marriage commissioners use religious grounds to refuse to perform marriages for Aboriginal people? Or Jews? Or Catholics? Or Ukrainians?
The message from our provincial government to those marriage commissioners who don't want to perform gay weddings should be this: that any Saskatchewan marriage commissioner who doesn't want to officiate at some marriages has the right to do so -- just resign as a marriage commissioner.
But Brad Wall's Saskatchewan Party government wants to maintain Saskatchewan's international reputation as a bunch of redneck hicks. They think its OK to send a message to gay people that the government of Saskatchewan regards them as second class citizens.
Come to think of it, that means they ARE a bunch of redneck hicks, aren't they?

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