Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hillbilly fantasyland 

Speaking from hillbilly fantasyland, Peter MacKay says the Canadian government is going to order 50 ships over the next 30 years. Dave calls them Harper's hillbilly Conservatives and he's right.
And rather than awarding these billions of public dollars in shipbuilding contracts through old-fashioned competitive bidding, the Cons have developed great new system which will allow them to decide which shipyards to support:
...a new process that theoretically will allow the government to pick and choose in a more direct way which Canadian shipyards will build which ships.
I just hope none of those shipyards have any gay employees -- Charles McVety will complain and Tony Clements will have to take over deciding which shipyards can be trusted!
Ya know, at some point Canadians are going to realize that the Harper Conservatives don't actually know how to run a government.

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