Monday, May 27, 2013

Democracy under attack 

This morning's Star Phoenix editorial Democracy under attack provides a stinging indictment of the gleeful Con response to last week's court ruling on the election phone call scandal:
No sooner had a federal court judge ruled that there had been widespread voter fraud in the last federal election involving a Conservative party database than a party spokesperson was bragging of victory.
It was a chilling response to a terrifying verdict. Justice Richard G. Mosley was unequivocal in his assessment, that misleading calls were made to electors in ridings across the country - including Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar - "and that the purpose of those calls was to suppress the votes of electors who had indicated their voting preference in response to earlier voter identification calls."
He was less sure, however, that it was enough to change the results. . . .
It was that uncertainty that had the Conservatives crowing victory. In a press release, the party insisted the judge concluded "there was no wrongdoing by the Conservative party or ... candidates."
Justice Mosley's ruling makes no such conclusion.

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No-one will convince most Canadians, Harper didn't cheat to win the election, with his robo-call fraud.

In a true Democracy, Harper would have been flung in prison long ago.

However. Canada is no longer a Democracy. What works in a Democracy, does not work in a Dictatorship. Harper as a Dictator, controls everything. The RCMP, courts, judges, Scientists, media, Ministers, Caucus and everything he got his hands on.

Look at the line-up. Harper, Toews and the RCMP. There isn't a hope in hell, the RCMP will be permitted to find any wrong doings, by Harper and his henchmen.

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