Thursday, May 30, 2013

The gift that keeps on giving 

The Duff Scandal is getting more hilarious every day.
Now we find out that Duffy thought he should be appointed to Cabinet.
And what selfless contribution to the Canadian public did Duffy want to achieve as minister without portfolio?
"I suggested they make me a min without portfolio, so I get a staff, car and more resources to deal with the pr fallout etc."
Perks.  He just wanted the perks.  Once again, its all about him, rather than about any benefit to us working stiff who are paying his bills.
And then, the CBC tracks down Marjory LeBreton who gets all amazed that Duffy would have these expectations:
Marjory LeBreton, speaking to reporters in the Senate foyer, said, " It's ridiculous. The idea that the prime minister or anyone would pass over elected members of the House of Commons and name Mike Duffy as a minister? It's so ridiculous it's not even funny. It's totally bizarre. Who knows, who knows, but when I read it, when I read it — I don't know who the recipient of the email was — but when I read it I went, like, there isn't a chance of a snowball in hell of this ever happening, and I never spoke to him about it."
Of course, it was just three years before that the newly elected Harper appointed Montreal bagman Michael Fortier to the Senate and immediately made him public works minister.  But the objections to this appointment carried about the same weight with the Harper Cons as a snowball in hell.
You can't make this stuff up.

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