Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hustle and Ford 

The Globe and Mail has published the Ford family’s history with drug dealing.
Its like reading a movie script -- a beefier Kiefer Sutherland playing the suburban drug dealer with the dysfunctional family who uses his drug profits as the foundation for his more charismatic and electable younger brother's meteoric political career, thus becoming the power behind the throne but then watching helplessly as said brother destroys himself and all they achieved through his own addiction and hubris:
In the 1980s, anyone wanting to buy hashish had to know where to go. And in central Etobicoke, the wealthy Toronto suburb where Mayor Rob Ford grew up, one of those places was James Gardens. In the evening, the sports cars often wound along Edenbridge Drive, past the gated homes and the lawn-bowling pitches, until they reached the U-shaped parking lot. By nightfall, the public park was a hash drive-thru. One former street dealer, whom we will call “Justin,” described the scene as “an assembly line.”
There were usually a number of dealers to choose from, some of them supplied by a mainstay at James Gardens – a young man with the hulk-like frame and mop of bright blond hair: Doug Ford.

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