Thursday, May 02, 2013

How much is $3.1 billion? 

It's hard to comprehend a figure like $3.1 billion.
Here's some examples of what us ordinary Canadian mortals could buy if we had this amount of money to spend:
62 million bottles of really good wine
Two hundred thousand cars
Eight thousand pretty nice houses
Pretty good salaries for four thousand people a year for ten years, plus the daycare costs for their children
Or, to put it in another way that we're all thinking about this time of year
Every penny of what me and more than 25,000 other Canadians paid in federal income taxes last year.
So that's how much the Harper Cons lost track of when they were frittering away those "anti-terrorism" dollars on airports and police and databases ... and gazebos, don't forget the gazebos ...

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Actually, the unaccounted funds go back to 2001 and up to 2009. It's hard to imagine how all of that could be blamed on Harper. There's also no proof that anything was "frittered away". The AG clearly indicated that there is no indication of wrong-doing. This is most likely a case of the expenditures being coded to incorrect GLs. In the real world, this stuff would be picked up in an annual audit. With public funds, it can take years before someone catches on.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:46 pm  

Oh, so they're just incompetent accountants? I don't think so...

By Blogger CathiefromCanada, at 12:53 pm  

I wouldn't necessarily call it incompetent accounting. GL coding is a simple clerical function, that if done incorrectly can affect the entire financial picture. It is actually quite common in the business environment. My company gets audited annually by outside auditors, and over 50% of the account amendments issued, are for incorrect GL coding. Anon 12:46 is probably pretty close to the mark in terms of just what happened. Now in the political realm, there is no doubt in my mind that both the Liberals and the CPC will be looking to cast some sort of blame, depending on the timing of when the errors happened.

By Anonymous Sean, at 2:40 pm  

As an accountant, I would make a good grilled cheese sandwich, that's how much I know about it.
That doesn't stop me, however, from gleefully pointing fingers at Harper and Company, who sold themselves to Canadians as such terrific managers and bean counters.
The news is, they're not!

By Blogger CathiefromCanada, at 3:51 pm  

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