Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bring on the BC bud 

Kinsella thinks Trudeau's pot legalization proposal is a mistake:
To sum up: a policy that is made on the fly, apparently without much caucus consultation – to curry favour with a segment who mostly don’t vote – and that will (a) place Liberals on the defensive in the 2015 election and (b) would have a debilitating effect on Canadians, and Canadian trade, at the border. Some Liberals may think that’s great. I think it’s dumb.
He may be right, but I hope not.
This summer when we were on the ferry between Vancouver and Victoria, a sardonic announcement came over the PA system asking the the group smoking marijuana on deck six to put it out, with the reminder that though it was legal in Washington state it wasn't legal in BC.  The boat rocked with laughter.  That's how seriously everyone now takes our drug laws.
Of all the "wars" fought in my lifetime, the war on drugs has been the stupidest and the most destructive, ruining young people's lives with criminal records while enriching some of the worst criminal organizations on the continent. If all of the people now addicted to alcohol could switch to cannabis, their families would be a lot better off -- nobody ever got high and started a fight in a bar or beat up on their wife and kids.
And BC growers could make a fortune.

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I, too, think Kinsella is wrong on this. Here on Vancouver Island we know that the war on pot is farcical. There is no significant support for people being churned through the criminal justice system over this.

Kinsella seems to prefer the Conservative-Lite version of the LPC associated with the Bay Street contingent. They're the group who steered the LPC from Sussex Drive to Stornoway to Motel 6 on the Gloucester Highway.

If meaningful progressivism isn't restored to the Liberal Party it will have to wait until the Harper Tories implode before it returns to power, if then.

By Blogger The Mound of Sound, at 1:31 pm  

I'm not sure I would make it legal across the board. I'd probably say "No one under 18 can use it, but after that, the same laws that apply to booze apply to pot. Don't smoke and drive." Also, not as law, but don't impose it on others; apply some common sense and good manners. Like with anything else.

Haven't been to Canada in a while and haven't smoked any pot in a long time. That's the case of rmost of the people I know who smoke. They smoke some now and again but not all the time and not every night and they don't smoke and drive. They have a little at home and enjoy a nice meal when they feel like it and that's it. Why should they be criminals for that?

By Blogger DBK, at 10:42 pm  

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