Friday, July 12, 2013

The skinny on Sharknado 

When we saw the ads this week for Sharknado, we thought it was another Shark Week joke commercial, like Snuffy the Seal.
But Sharknado is real. Terribly terribly real.
Its the newest trend in movies, the schlock ripoff.  More here --Inside the Asylum, One of the Most Successful Low-Budget Movie Studios:
For a typical film, the Asylum floats a concept to its stable of writers. They blast back a slew of 100-word pitches. If the Asylum chooses Horton’s concept, he bangs out a draft in 10 days, then hands it off to a producer; revisions are made, then the Asylum shoots the film, fast.
...When Latt runs down the list of the Asylum films slated for production in the first half of this year, it sounds like a list of hot-button search terms: zombies, sharks, haunted houses, talking dogs. It’s almost as if the Asylum doesn’t even have to make the movie—but it does, for “just a little bit less” than what they will collect from the Netflix-Redbox-Syfy group of middlemen who are likely to buy it. It doesn’t matter how unwatchable it is.
Never underestimate the creativity of Hollywood.

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