Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Scorched earth  

Lawrence Martin thinks just about everybody is reaching their gag limit on the Harper Cons:
The strategy of the PMO has been to subjugate the other powers bases in Ottawa, the checks and balances in the system, to the point where they offer little resistance. The record shows that major progress has been made. But evidence suggests resistance is growing in many quarters, including, if opinion polls are to be believed, from the people themselves.
And the polls are also consistently showing the Trudeau Liberals beating the Harper Cons in the next election, irregardless of how many anti-Trudeau smears they run.
So basically Harper has another year as Prime Minister and then he will most likely be gone.
Will Harper go quietly into that good night? Or he is going to adopt the kind of "scorched earth" policies that will incinerate the country behind his retreat?
Do I even need to ask?

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So, Cathy, how do you see the 'RESIST HARPER' movement actually building at the grassroots level?

Anonymous A

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:34 am  

I'm expecting scorched earth for two fundamental reasons:

1. His grip on caucus doesn't appear to be slipping - which means any dissent is being very carefully framed.

2. Harper acts sociopathically much of the time, which may well mean that his ego is what is driving his drive for power.

In other words, he is going to hang on as long as possible.

By Blogger MgS, at 8:26 am  

I am not only puzzled at the way he is behaving, but also the fact no one in caucus wants to stand up to him. If he is dragging down the party enough, you would think some in marginal ridings would feel they have nothing to lose going after him. The lead of the Liberals is not huge and Trudeau is not the strongest leader, but as the old age saying goes, governments defeat themselves and the Tories seem to be doing everything they can to help that.

There are two things I could see taking Harper out before the next election

1. His poll numbers fall into the teens at which point he could no longer make the argument that once Trudeau comes under the spotlight they will bounce back. I don't know of any leader at any level of government in Canada who has survived more than six months with an approval rating under 20%.

2. Criminal charges get laid against him either in the Robocalls or Senate Scandal in which case he wouldn't have a choice.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:45 pm  

Steven Fletcher just went off script yesterday.. Baby steps, I guess.

By Blogger double nickel, at 2:10 pm  

Scorched earth.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:08 pm  

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