Saturday, March 01, 2014

Target, get real 

Apparently Target thinks it has been doing us Canadian bumpkins a favour
“Our goal was to bring the true U.S. Target experience to Canada, which included bringing the brands and products our guests [customers], who have cross-border shopped, know and love – and we have,” Tony Fisher, president of Target Canada, said in an e-mail this week.
Well, no, Tony, you haven't -- not unless the experience of U.S. consumers is empty shelves and no product variety.
Our local Zellers closed last Christmas and Target opened in the spring. I have been there three times, and each time I found empty shelves, no variety, and few of the well-designed products I had been seeing in the ads -- the Nate Berkus "section" was a tiny display with just two or three items.   Though the location is a convenient one for me and I drive by it all the time, I haven't bothered going in since last fall -- fool me twice and all that.  I now assume they likely won't have anything I am looking for, nor will I find anything interesting or unexpected.
Its really too bad.  I never thought I would miss Zellers!

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Yup, same experience here. My husband Warren and I have done the Target tour around Metro Vancouver. In Burnaby, Coquitlam, and Richmond we found nearly identical and formulaic storefronts with varying degrees of stock. We have a running joke now that it is impossible to buy plain white sport socks at Target because we have struck out at all three locations. Who knows, perhaps they have socks in Delta, but by now we just can't be bothered.

Foodstuffs are stocked better than household goods, but really the selection is no better than what we ever found at Zellers. In fact Warren observed that the stores are an awful lot like Zellers too. They are tidier than Zellers, Target seems to have more staff keeping the place organized.

Nevertheless they are a big big disappointment so far. It is hard to believe that Target would spend so much money moving in to the Canadian market and then seem to go out of their way to underwhelm us.

I still kind of miss Woolco.

By Blogger Elliott Taylor, at 4:37 am  

Ah, Woolco! Before it was Zellers, it was a Woolco -- I had forgotten. And yes, it was a pretty good store.

By Blogger CathiefromCanada, at 10:28 am  

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