Saturday, July 09, 2005

Be a leader and shut up 

Ahenakew unapologetic after conviction
I think its time for David Ahenakew to demonstrate some of those leadership skills for which he has been so widely and rightly praised in the past, and just shut up.
No, Jews did not start the second world war.
No, they aren't a 'disease'.
No, Hitler was not right to "fry" six million Jews.
I don't care what someone in Germany told you 60 years ago. You are a well-travelled, educated and respected elder now, so why would you still believe the racist tripe that someone told you when you were 20? You've had a whole lifetime to learn better. Its all a racist lie and you were wrong to spread it around.
Given your position of leadership and respect in the Aboriginal community and in Canada as a whole, for you to say such hateful and racist things about Jewish people is hate speech. Quite rightfully, when a community leader says such hateful and racist things, they get charged. It's not the justice system's fault that you said what you said. And its not the media's fault for reporting it -- you knew perfectly well you were talking to a reporter when you said these vile things.
Its time to stop saying vile things. It's time for the circus to stop. It's time to shut up.

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