Thursday, August 04, 2005

Seeing the forest instead of the trees 

One more comment on the Vancouver Three.
Some commenters on POGGE's good post -- Peace, order and good government, eh?: Turnabout is fair play -- as well as some of the other Emery posts around the blogosphere, as well as various editorials here and there are, in my opinion, getting all tangled up among the trees. People are arguing about how maybe Emery deserves it and whose laws were being broken anyway and how if we want the US to listen to us we have to respond to them, and how illegal is it really and maybe pot isn't so bad but after all...
Here is the forest:
For the sake of principle, morality and sovereignty, Canada should not be sending three of its own citizens, one of whom is a political leader, to spend a decade or more in a maximum security prison in the United States for breaking a law which Canada itself thinks is so trivial we cannot be bothered enforcing it.

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