Thursday, May 04, 2006

Great line of the day 

At Hullabaloo, Tristero writes a post comparing how Bush went to war in Iraq with how he intends to go to war with Iran:
. . . Remember: he's The Decider. He decides what's best. And it is what's best because he decided it was. The rest of us are, like it or not, along for the ride. That's the problem with living in an authoritarian state . . . You really cannot affect its politics or influence its behavior very much. And if it frightens you to think that the fate of your country, if not the world, rests on the outcome of a desperate power struggle between a goddammed malicious idiot, the Joint Chiefs, the calculations of corrupt Republican politicians and no one else in the world, then... Welcome to the 21st Century, my friends. This ain't your father's Missile Crisis.
Emphasis mine.

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