Tuesday, May 02, 2006

They should be ashamed 

Harold Albrecht (Conservative: Kitchener—Conestoga)
Inky Mark (Conservative: Dauphin—Swan River—Marquette )
Rod Bruinooge (Conservative: Winnipeg South)
Colin Mayes (Conservative: Okanagan—Shuswap)
Marc Lemay (BQ: Abitibi—Témiscamingue)
Yvon Levesque (BQ: Abitibi—Baie-James—Nunavik—Eeyou)
If you happen to live in any of these ridings, drop your boy a line and ask why he insulted every Aboriginal person in Canada by voting for Maurice Vellacott as chair of the Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development.
Harper should also be ashamed of himself, putting forward such a racist to chair the committee.
And these Good Ole Boys dutifully voted in favour -- party unity is just so much more important than insulting thousands of their constituents, don't ya know!
The Globe story sums it up:
Liberal MP Anita Neville said her party attempted to block Mr. Vellacott because of his controversial comments relating to the freezing deaths several years ago of aboriginal men outside of Saskatoon. . . Mr. Vellacott has drawn fire for defending two Saskatoon policemen who were convicted of driving an aboriginal man out of town and leaving him to walk home in the dead of winter.
More recently, he has been criticized for suggesting that some of the aboriginal men may have gone outside of town on their own to drink or take drugs. "Mr. Vellacott does not give a good message to aboriginal Canadians," Ms. Neville said. "[His comments] reinforced stereotypical views of aboriginal peoples." . . . [Vellacott] defended his comments about the Saskatoon police, saying he has a full understanding of the situation. . .
whatever that means.
Well, adding this to today's budget, which killed the Kelowna Accords, I think Aboriginal people now have a "full understanding" of Harper's message, too -- I think it can be summarized as "Aboriginals, Please F*ck Off!"

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