Friday, November 10, 2006

Birth of a talking point 

Glenn Greenwald on today's example of pund-idiocy from Charles Krauthammer:
The 2004 victory by President George W. Bush with a margin of 3.5 million votes (and by one closely decided state) was a "resounding endorsement" and a glorious triumph that vests the President with a powerful and clear "mandate." That was a "serious majority."
The 2006 victory by Democrats with a margin of 7 million votes was a victory by the "thinnest of margins" and was "razor-thin." It was a banal and weak outcome that was even "slightly below the post 1930 average for the six-year itch in a two-term presidency," and it was nothing more notable or meaningful than "an event-driven election that produced the shift of power one would expect when a finely balanced electorate swings mildly one way or the other.
Thanks, Charles, for straightening that out for everyone. I'm sure we'll see this talking point again and again and . . .

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